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Security and Protection

With today's array of cyber threats and risks your lines of defense need to be ready. Make sure you have the systems in place to protect your computers, servers, and network.

  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware - Our security software scan and eliminates malware, spyware, and viruses all in the background so you can stay safe and secure while getting your work done.
  • Web Filtering - Keep your employees productive and your networks safe and secure by blocking inappropriate sites.
  • Firewalls - Enterprise level security to stop viruses and unauthorized access to your network.
  • Two Factor Authentication - Step up to the next level of password security with two factor authentication.

Help Desk Support

Give your employees the support they need to stay focused on their work. Let ERS handle the troubleshooting of IT issues that can hamper productivity.

  • Rapid Remote Support - Our RMM offers a superior remote control experience allowing us to quickly take control of your workstation and provide support so you can get back to work without missing a beat.
  • On-Site Service - If an issue can't be resolved remotely a technician can be dispatched to your location and provide on-site troubleshooting and resolve it quickly.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of computers, servers, and network equipment with our RMM (remote monitor and management) software. If your systems have alerts or issues we get notified and updated so we can take proactive measures to ensure systems are stable and secure.

  • Real-Time Monitoring- We have the ability to monitor in real-time for performance issues like low disk space, high CPU usage, low memory and network latency on any application, platform or device.
  • Patch Management - Automated patch policies keep machines secure from the latest threats without the need for manual updating.

Vendor Management

We will be the liaison to your 3rd party software vendors to support, manage, and implement fixes alongside their support team.

  • Office Suites - Licensing for productivity software for documents, spreadsheets, and email.
  • Accounting Software - Management of your accounting software subscriptions and licensing.
  • Line-Of-Business Software - Management of your line-of-business software subscriptions and licensing.

Cloud Based Backups

Protect your data from loss and minimize downtime for your business.

  • Incremental Backups - Versioning of files and backups to guard against accidental deletion and overwriting of files.
  • On-Site & Cloud Based Backups - In the event of damage of equipment or natural disasters, you have one less thing to worry about knowing your data is safe and backed up to the Cloud.


The virtual Chief Information Officer is your information technology specialist and consultant to discuss your company needs, future plans, and goals.

  • Reporting on Network Health
  • Budgeting for IT expenses
  • Future Planning
  • Regularly Scheduled Meetings
  • Reviewing time spent on tickets and solutions to resolve problems

Documentation of Systems

With complete knowledge of your network and systems we are able to provider faster and better support.

  • Structured Documentation - We use industry standards for organizing and optimizing documentation to service our client in the most efficient manner.  
  • Relationship Mapping - We link related items together, so that all the information we need to support you is at our fingertips.

    • Secure Password Vault - Secure your world with an immutable audit trail, next-generation password vault, & management engine which is fully integrated and linked with all of our documentation.
    • Warranty Tracking - Know what equipment you have is in warranty, out of warranty, or about to expire so you can extend coverage.

    VoIP Cloud Phone Systems

    Upgrade your phone system to a managed cloud based system with advanced enterprise level features for a fraction of the price.

    • Auto Attendant
    • Call Parking
    • Web Portal
    • Hunt Groups
    • Call Reporting
    • Call Recording
    • U.S. Based Support
    • Voicemail to Email

    Customize your notifications whether you’re on your computer or mobile device. Dial them up to be alerted about everything or dial them down to focus on just a few things.

    Everywhere you go.

    With fully native apps for iOS and Android, whatever you do on one device is reflected everywhere. Everything is in sync. We’ll keep your place so you can always pick up wherever you left off.

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